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"164" adds:
The Land Rovers were designed to provide Firefighting capability to remote locations such as Farms, Fields & Woodland, difficult to access with larger Appliances. They remain very effective in this role, carrying an Angus Portable Pump, 80 Gallon Water Tank, Hose Reel, 6 Lengths of "Lay Flat" Latex Hose and various other items of fire & rescue equipment.
I've known DMB 902X all of its life, first sitting in it as a 14 year old boy and eventually using it in my role with the Cadet Scheme. When the Service announced its withdrawal my family & I decided that we should buy it in order to secure its future. This much loved Land Rover now lives out its retirement supporting events in aid of the Cheshire Fire Cadet Scheme and The Firefighter's Charity.
It is hoped that it will feature in a forthcoming issue of LRO together with the Range Rover Rapid Response Rescue Unit that replaced it on Station.

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