Stage 1 V8
Factory Specification

General Configuration

The Stage 1 V8 was available as standard as a truck-cab, van sided hard-top or a 10 or 12 seat station wagon, depending on the market for which it was destined, all based on the Series III 109 inch chassis. A high capacity pick-up (HCPU) laterr became available. In addition, the vehicle could be purchased as a chassis cab for specialist conversions and all models could be specified with the County trim pack when that was introduced.The chassis itself was adapted to accomodate the V8 engine and gearbox, with no.1 crossmember being moved forward beneath the newly relocated grill, and the gearbox crossmember being of the removable type - a first on the utility models.

As well as the range of six colours available on the standard Series III Land Rover, the Stage 1 V8 could also be specified in one of four additional colours: Java Green, Masai Red, Inca Yellow and Pageant Blue. Russet Brown later became available with the County Station Wagon.


Approximate Dimensions and Weights

Length: 4.44m (4.58m for station wagon with rear mounted spare wheel
Width: 1.68m
Height: 1.99m (2.0m for station wagon with safari roof) 
Wheelbase: 2.77m (109 inches)
Track front and rear: 1.33m
Ground clearance: 209mm
Turning circle: 14.3m
Kerb weight: Truck cab 1601kg, 10 seat SW 1809kg, 12 seat SW 1828kg
Gross weight: 2710kg
Gross train weight: 6710kg
Permissable trailer loads
- fully braked: 4000kg
- with over-run brakes: 2000kg
- without brakes: 500kg
Max. nose weight: 75kg
Max. roof rack load: 50kg

 Engine Data

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Bore: 88.9mm (3.500 in.)
Stroke: 71.12mm (2.800 in)
Number of cylinders: 8
Cylinder capacity: 3528 cc
Compression ratio: 8.13:1
BHP: 90.7 @3500 +/-250 revs/min
Maximum torque: 166.4 lb ft @ 2000 revs/min
Firing order: 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2
Spark plug type: Champion N12Y or Unipart GSP131 
Spark plug gap: 0.80mm (0.030 in.)
Points gap: 0.35 - 0.40mm (0.014 - 0.016 in.)
Dwell angle: 26 - 28 degrees @ 550 - 650 revs/min
Ignition timing, dynamic; emission controlled: TDC mark on crankshaft pulley
Ignition timing, dynamic; non-emission controlled: 6 degrees BTDC @ 650 revs/min
Ignition timing, static; all models: TDC
Oil pressure: 2.11 to 2.81 kg/ (30 to 40 lb/ at 50mph in top gear with engine warm

Transmission Data

Main Gearbox
Type LT95
Single helical constant mesh with syncromesh on all forward gears.
Transfer Box
Integral with main box
Two-speed reduction on maan gearbox output. Front and rear drive permanently engaged via vacuum operated lockable differential.
Gear Ratios
Main gearbox: Top  Direct  
  Third 1.505:1  
  Second 2.448:1  
  First 4.069:1  
  Reverse 3.664:1  
Transfer gearbox: High 1.336:1  
  Low 3.321:1  
Final drive ratio:   In high transfer In low transfer
  Top 4.73:1 11.76:1
  Third 7.12:1 17.69:1
  Second 11.58:1 28.78:1
  First 19.24:1 47.81:1
  Reverse 17.33:1 43.05:1
Front: Rover, Rear: Salisbury
Differential ratios: 3.54:1