Howdy, Names Stirling

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Stirling. I got out of Stage 1s 2 years ago now. Moved on to a 110 Hi Cap now. Much more of a realistic vehicle. Congrats on creating the longest thread ever. Have fun on the Disco.
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Re: Howdy, Names Stirling

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Hello all, bit of a sad note. 10 years later, the old Stage 1 is up for sale by the guy that bought it from me. It's strange to see my name mentioned in a car advert!! ... Sw9exhdIwC

It's in a sad state...
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Re: Howdy, Names Stirling

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Hi Stirling,

Hope you and the family are doing well.

It is one of those things I guess. It was a good platform to learn on and you moved to other challenges.

It certainly has been treated poorly. Looks like it's been sitting in a ditch for some time.

If I read that right, it's only running on rear wheel drive. Which suggests that it is also running with the CDL locked :roll:

Thanks for the update.


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