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Looking for guidance with Fairey OD Linkage on a 110 with LT95

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2023 2:45 am
by dpdotcom
Hey there, I just posted this over on D-Source, so sorry if y'all are over there too. and I also see that not many people are posting these days, but worth a shot!

Truck details: '83 110 3 door with an LT95 behind the V8. I've had a Fairy OD for a few years now, but with a janky homemade linkage. I'm about to get interior work done, so it's time to fix this and make it proper. I sourced many of the parts, but have had to fabricate two of them. Happy to share how I've gone about that, but here's where I'm stuck.

I'm going to describe what the issue is next, but rest assured, i have good images to follow to explain.

The Fairey install manual clearly shows that the bracket is supposed to be aligned with the two holes on top of the gearbox further aft than the shifter. And in fact I've seen a photo of an install with similar placement (last image here), BUT there are casting fins that that don't let the bracket sit flush. Now, I could absolutely notch the bracket to create some clearance for those fins, but I'm wondering if maybe there were differences in LT95 configs and in therefore on mine it should actually be mounted alongside the shifter? Or that perhaps the drawings I got for the bracket are for, like, a series iii or something, and the 110 bracket should be narrower, and thus miss the fins?

And one LAST factor, I have to create my own long linkage (the red crazily bent rod in the last image), so I can actually send it to wherever I want. So if there wouldn't be a downside, it would sure be more convenient to have the OD shifter alongside the gearbox shifter (using those front two holes) rather than tucked just in front of the center seat.

Ok, so here's what mine looks like:
IMG_8611 Medium.jpeg
IMG_8611 Medium.jpeg (95.95 KiB) Viewed 2832 times
And as you can see, the bracket fouls on those "fins:"
IMG_8612 Medium.jpeg
IMG_8612 Medium.jpeg (68.39 KiB) Viewed 2832 times
But here's what's in the manual (see #4 and Fig. 1):
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 9.24.49 PM copy.jpg
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 9.24.49 PM copy.jpg (123.5 KiB) Viewed 2832 times
And here's an example shot of supposedly a 110, with key parts helpfully painted in red, but i would bet this imsage is a RHD truck, which i think means that the transfer case control is on this right side, whereas mine is on the left.


That was a lot, but hope it's comprehensive enough for someone to help!

And yes, i know, the chassis needs a treatment. it's getting it when the interior gets painted as soon as this job is done!

Thanks y'all!


Re: Looking for guidance with Fairey OD Linkage on a 110 with LT95

Posted: Fri Feb 23, 2024 8:32 pm
by dpdotcom
To close the loop here, if anyone ever stumbles across this thread looking for answers or pics, i got em! I figured out a solution and have a fully working OD linkage like the factory intended. Including measurements, CAD designs for the bracket, etc.

Re: Looking for guidance with Fairey OD Linkage on a 110 with LT95

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2024 10:44 pm
by Mik
Sounds interesting - pleas share ;)