New member from Australia

Introduce yourself and your vehicles and post (or link to) photos
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New member from Australia

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Hi, I recently bought a Stage 1 V8 that started life as a single cab tray back, but the body was rebuilt as a dual cab on a custom 118 inch coil sprung chassis with disc brakes.
Unfortunately after the work was done it stayed in a shed for the next 25 years before it came up for sale.
All the panels are perfect but it will still need a lot of work to get it back on the road.
The wheels are about an inch and a half proud of the bodywork so I dont know if I should be fitting Defender flares or trying to find thinner wheels for it.
I have a carburetted 4.6 in the shed and thought I would end up putting that in it.
The interior will need to be refitted and I will probably use some aftermarket leather seats, there seems to be plenty of options available.
It has heavy duty axles and front and rear diff locks in it already so I am hoping not to many issues with those breaking in the future.
I have had a 130 in the past, a few series threes and still have some series ones, but when I saw this truck I knew it was an opportunity that wasn't going to come again.
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Re: New member from Australia

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Welcome - nice truck!
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