Another red stage one in the Netherlands

Introduce yourself and your vehicles and post (or link to) photos
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Another red stage one in the Netherlands

Post by TonGeenen »

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Hello from the Netherlands.
As a new forum member I would like to introduce myself and my stage one.
As owner of a 1971 Range Rover, a 1972 Range Rover and a 1997 Discovery V8i, I am not new to Land Rovers.
About a year and a half ago I purchased a stage one stationwagon in need of some restoring.
It was originally from Switzerland, but already in the Netherlands for some years.
It's original color had been masai red, but it had been hand-painted in black-and-white zebra stripes.
By now I have rebuilt the vehicle to it's original specifications.
I already found a lot of useful information in this forum, thanks to you all for that.

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Re: Another red stage one in the Netherlands

Post by Cliff4WD »

Hello there Ton. Nice to see another Stage 1 being cared for. Welcome along. Forum's a bit quiet but to be expected since there are not so many of the vehicles surviving.
I never realised that the Masai Mara was in Switzerland! 😂

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Re: Another red stage one in the Netherlands

Post by Geoff »

Very nice. Good work! Welcome to the forum - glad it's been useful :)
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Re: Another red stage one in the Netherlands

Post by firemanshort »

Holy Crap! That is the same story as my Stage One project that I have here in the USA.

It was a Swiss Stage One that retired out of government service (avalanche or ski patrol?) and was used by a veterinarian that bred hybrid Zebras and Horses. He named the Rover "Zebroid" and painted it with Zebra stripes (black and silver). The truck then moved to Vancouver Canada and then the USA. ... ide.55265/

That link was a post by an old owner back in 2011.
Virginia, USA
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