Stage 1 Project

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Stage 1 Project

Post by RightsideDown »

Hi guys hope all is well with everyone. Greetings from North Carolina.

I have recently come into possession of a 1980 stage 1 v8. My father has owned series trucks my entire life and I'm quite partial to the look and feel of a classic land rover. Buying into this truck at 22 I've found I'm in a little deeper than I had first thought. The rover body is in pretty good condition as well as the original v8 engine. However, the chassis is in very rough shape and will definitely need to be replaced before its driveable. I won't be able to tell how much the rust has taken until I pull the cab and bed and I don't want to do that until I've secured a chassis. If anyone knows where I can find a chassis for this project I would love to have help from anywhere I can get it. I'm not sure if I can modify an original series 3 109 chassis to fit the v8 since I know the V8 sits more towards the front of the bay. I also need an original distributor for the V8 engine, so if anyone has one for sale let me know (ill make a post in the sales and wants if no one responds here).

Thanks for the help and ill keep the group updated on the progression of the truck.

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Re: Stage 1 Project

Post by Geoff »

Nice looking truck.

A new Richards galvanised chassis is best if you've the money - no idea what it would cost to ship such a thing to the States
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Re: Stage 1 Project

Post by disco2hse »

Good to see it go to someone who cares and they are a good motor to learn with.

I would say to pull the bugger apart and then make the decision. You may be able to replace parts (outriggers, rear cross member, and such) instead of the whole thing? A chassis is not cheap.

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Re: Stage 1 Project

Post by Mik »

Looks like a nice project - it'll probably be worth a small fortune after you've fixed it up - assuming its North Carolina in US ;)?
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