Saudi Stage 1's and M25 Landy's

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harry potter
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Saudi Stage 1's and M25 Landy's

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Having a chat with one of my Snr Enginner's at work and he was telling me of being in Saudi back in 1981 and how they all drove around in V8 land rovers - old ones with split screens!!!
They landed at the airport to be met with a convoy of 9 brand new Stage 1 V8. they were taken to a petrol station to get filled up to the brim - approx. £80 for the entire convoy. they were surveying for a new pipe line.
He brought a few pictures in to show me. they are older than me! Thought you might like to see some working stage 1's and SIII.
He also worked on the M25 near Leatherhead in 84 and ran round in a few SIII 109" & 88"
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Re: Saudi Stage 1's and M25 Landy's

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Explains why the major brochure had so many Emirate pictures.
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Re: Saudi Stage 1's and M25 Landy's

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Thanks for posting (I went to school in Leatherhead in the 1960s - before there was any M25 - I'm a lot older than you!) Wonder where all those lovely red pickups are now.
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Re: Saudi Stage 1's and M25 Landy's

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Great. Thanks for sharing those.

Good to see the old trucks in their natural environment.

1983 ex-army FFR 109 Stage 1
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Re: Saudi Stage 1's and M25 Landy's

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Great pictures of a workhorse in is natural environment !

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