Breaking 1982 pick-up

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Breaking 1982 pick-up

Post by stephenh »

Hi folks.

Sad to say, but I just bought my first Stage 1 last month, only to find it's to far gone for me to restore.
Maybe someone with lots of spare time and some cash could fix her up, but I'm up to my eyeballs with my original Series 3...

If anyone wants any bits off it to keep their own Stage 1 going, let me know.
Chassis is mostly good, but needs a bit of plating by the front spring hangers and the rear x-member (not too far fwd for saving it).
Fuel tank is sound.
Gearbox seems OK, but I've only driven it a few hundred yards in 1st and 2nd!
Engine starts and runs fine, but is missing exhaust system from the down pipes back!
Bulkhead is rotted out at the top and bottom, so that's not much good for anyone...

1984 Ex-RAF Series 3 LWB with fuel injection :-)
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