LT95 Fairey Overdrive

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LT95 Fairey Overdrive

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Hi team

This is my first post on here. I have just finished a complete restoration of a Stage 1. I recently managed to buy a Fairey/Superwinch overdrive for it, for the equivalent of GBP250. The case is good, output gear and mainshaft are good and the clutch-coupling sleeve is good. Looks new in fact. However, upon removal of top cover, I was so disappointed to find that the input gear, which sits at rear of overdrive, has a number of chipped teeth. The chips aren't huge, more like 2mm across, 2mm deep. They're all in the same place, around the gear. About 14 of the 24 teeth are chipped. The lay gear, below it, isn't chipped, but the flats of its teeth are a bit 'bruised' from where metal has obviously been crushed against them.

First question, does anyone have a spare input gear available that I can buy?

Secondly, a month or so ago a found an LT95 Overdrive build thread online on one forum or other. But, now, I just can't find it. Can anyone direct me to it.

(I'm aware I could swap out my 1.3:1 trans gears for a set of 1.113:1 RR gears I have here, but I'd like to use the OD if possible).

Thanks in advance
Chipped input gear.jpg
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Bruised laygear.jpg
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