WTB: LT95 Fairey OD Linkage Part(s)

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WTB: LT95 Fairey OD Linkage Part(s)

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Hey folks, longtime lurker, first time poster. I've owned an '83 110 for 8 years now, maybe the last 4 with a Fairey OD installed. The OD seller only had a linkage for an RRC, so i had a buddy make extremely jury rigged lever solution. I'm finally trying to put together the proper 110 linkage.

Believe it or not, i actually found everything needed except TWO parts - #82 - the pivot block, and #14 the rod linkage.


So I have actually already gotten the #82 part made (if anyone wants the 3D designs for this, I'll happily send your way.) I had it CNCed from an online source for <$50 in aluminum, which is wild.

For the rod linkage, i also have the measurements of the OEM item, minus the bend angles, plus lots of pictures of the proper piece. I have purchased 1/2" steel rod stock and a bender to take a crack at attempting to make this. But before I do, I'd love to see if anyone has one lying around. I'm not that confident in my ability to make this part in a quality way, so this is my last ditch effort before I go for it!
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