Underseat Battery Box

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Underseat Battery Box

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my under seat battery Box is some what corroded.

all the ones i can find seem to be for the passenger side. anyone know where i can get a replacement?
keith tarrant
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Re: Underseat Battery Box

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Hi there, I found it easier to get one made. I think I cut a cardboard template and gave it to a local blacksmith who bent and welded it in 2mm steel for not very much.
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Re: Underseat Battery Box

Post by Glen »

Someone on eBay is selling just the well bit which is the same size as other petrol series. They do a single version and a double one linked below, the single doesn’t seem to be listed at the moment so maybe need to enquire, think it was £35.

https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322709435738 ... SwgspZrCQ2

I’ve just fitted the single one to mine as you could easily identify the brand of battery from underneath and I didn’t want to find out if the cables were able to support the battery in freehang (though it was stronger than it looked when I cut it up). It’s just the well though so the rest of it needs to be sound, think originally the whole base and inner side was 1 steel part that gets riveted in but I doubt anyone makes the whole lot - I don’t know why the stage 1 battery locker is so narrow compared to all the other landys where uses the space over the chassis rail but presumably there’s a reason why they didn’t just modify a Rh tool locker from a rear tank model - transfer linkage clearance?

Fitting was pretty easy, I cut the hole back so the (single battery) tray drops in and then bolted it down - the holes for the brackets didn’t line up that well but easy to adjust with a drill. I didn’t bother removing the spot welded folds on the front and rear (short) edges of the hole, there was no fold on the long edges but the inside edge is already double thickness as the side panel is a separate spot welded panel to the base of the locker. I’d already painted the tray prior to fitting and then used seam sealer and more paint when it was in - should do for a few years.

FYI the single tray easily take the standard size battery (Varta code E24) but will also take a Varta G8 if you want the biggest thing that will fit. I think the double tray would also fit the stage 1 (I think it takes a pair of E24 size batteries mounted transverse) but the tray would need to be bolted on from below instead of dropped in from above as there’s no way it would fit through the small hatch from above. You’d also need to remove the seat and that strip on the outside when removing the batteries so I figured that was a hassle worth avoiding unless you really need twin batts - in which case replacing the whole inner locker to gain more space would be worthwhile (though of course there’s only 1 place the well can go as it need to be outboard of the chassis rail it runs alongside).
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