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Introduce yourself and your vehicles and post (or link to) photos
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New owner

Post by Landywestmids »

Hi Folks,
New owner of a stage 1 v8 pickup,
In need of pleanty of work, mainly chassis and bulkhead rot to contend with.
Seems to run and drive well, but I’m sure there will be pleanty of bits to do when the chassis swap takes place,
Have ordered a galvanised chassis from Richards as the rear end is pretty well rotten.
I’m based in wolverhampton, West Midlands, and have owned many series and defenders in the past, but this will be my first stage 1, have wanted one ever since reading Quentin Wilson’s article in the Land Rover world many years ago.
I’m sure I’ll be asking some fairly stupid questions so please be patient with me.

Mark (landywestmids)
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Re: New owner

Post by Geoff »

Hi and welcome. Remember seeing Quentin Wilson's pickup at my local garage one time, and the present (I assume still) owner was on here a while ago interested in selling it, but I recall seemed to want a lot for it just because it had belonged to Wilson.

Looking forward to seeing some photos of yours if you can. Good luck with the rebuild.
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Re: New owner

Post by Cliff4WD »

Hello there. Look forward to seeing your restoration progress.

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Re: New owner

Post by disco2hse »


Welcome aboard. Yup, post pics.

No such thing as stupid questions. The more stay on the road, the better, and there are a few quirks on these.

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