Middle row seat belts...

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Middle row seat belts...

Post by Jeremy »

I need to put some in my station wagon.

I'm sure there used to be a kit with everything needed but I cant find it. Anyone done it recently, what did you use, part numbers etc?

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Re: Middle row seat belts...

Post by map1275 »

KIT? That's funny.

Depends where in the world you are and what standard you expect. Preferably what standard your transport authority demands. But this rarely matches owner ideas.

Most retailers sell generic fit nothing belt kits and slap any application the buyer wants to hear against them. Lap sash for the outers and waste for the centre. The only distinct points are the anchors (genuine part is the easiest) and belt length from the floor.

Mine has factory fit belts. However I replaced them with bespoke items with QD ends and eye bolts on the body. They spend most of their time safely stored in the box under the front seat.
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