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Rebuild Queries

Post by Landywestmids »

Hi Folks.
I am looking to start a rebuild on my Stage 1 truck cab, I have ordered a galvanised chassis from Richards and looking to get a few bits together ready for building up the new chassis.
My first question relates to springs and I am unsure wether to go down the parabolic route or replace with standard leaf springs, if anyone has any experience with the parabolics either good or bad I would appreciate your input.
My second question is are there any differences between the Stage 1 bulkhead and a standard late model series 3 bulkhead.
Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Rebuild Queries

Post by map1275 »

Parabolics have already been done to death. Still comes down to the worshippers and the rest who deal with reality. Those that ask the question have usually already made their decision in advance. Simple challenge - find any brand that provides accurate data about compatibility with standard units. There aren't any, just lashings of owner speculation. They are however cheap and available.

As per the parts list the panel (welded assembly) is different. Though it is essentially the standard item with some trimming and modification panels welded on to adapt to the tunnel. So you could potentially make one. Though I don't know whether four or six cylinder is closer.
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Re: Rebuild Queries

Post by Cliff4WD »

Hello Landywestmids,

An introduction would be nice.

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Re: Rebuild Queries

Post by disco2hse »

As Map said, some have converted to parabolics and say they're the bees knees, others have converted back to standard because they disliked the bounce, etc. One thing is certain, when you break a top spring with standard springs, you can keep driving ;)

Another question often asked is "should I use rubber or poly bushes?" The short answer is - rubber. Except that I think most paras come with poly. (?)

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