Replacement Hub Assembly and oil seal

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Replacement Hub Assembly and oil seal

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Morning All,

Hoping someone can advise on the correct part number for a replacement front hub assembly on my '83 ex NZ Army Stage 1 v8.

I had some play in the wheel bearings, when I removed the hub assembly I found that the inner bearing track was no longer a tight fit in the hub. It looks like the hub has worn away.

The old hub has FRC1993 stamped on it but I can't seem to find this part listed. Can anyone advise if FRC3875 is a suitable alternative?

Also when I put the oil seal back in, does it sit flush with the rear of the hub assembly or should it be pushed in further?


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Re: Replacement Hub Assembly and oil seal

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So the wheel bearings in your bearing carrier have spun and the bearing carrier needs replacement or repair? Not anything to do with the swivel hub or the stub axle?

The size of fitted wheel bearings should determine whether you need the > 1980 or 1980 > parts. Mine have FRC1993 cast into the rear face and they take the later bearing as per 110.

The inner front wheel bearing seal position depends on which type of seal you've purchased, there's more than three. All sit flush with the rim or below. None sit proud, especially the top hat design.
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