After Market Steel Wheels in NZ

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After Market Steel Wheels in NZ

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I am looking to replace the original wheels on my ex Army Stage 1
Has anyone in NZ found a quality supplier of wheels to suit, preferably wheels that give a wider footprint than the original 750 x 16
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Re: After Market Steel Wheels in NZ

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Not sure if you are still looking.

If this is a for an ex-NZDF 109 V8, be careful of the offset. IIRC, more modern wheels tend to bring the inner rim too close to the chassis wall because later axles were wider and may have included disc brakes, etc. That being said, I have seen several with Disco 1 wheels (but to my mind they are pig ugly on a 109 V8). Wolf rims also fit (but they'll cost you your first born).

You can fit wider tyres to the standard rims but running with or without tubes becomes an issue, as does offset. The standard rims do not have the locking ridge (or whatever it's called) for tubeless fitment. So while you can run tubeless, they may release if you are running lower pressures off-road.

For me, I run 750R16s as skinnies and the run is perfect for the old wagon.

1983 ex-army FFR 109 Stage 1
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