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Re: Prices

Post by choc-ice »

sebking wrote:Looks like they will be about £10 a side.
That's pretty good!

Let us know the final cost, with postage, and put it up here. You prefer Paypal or cheque?

And does anyone have a picture to show where the stickers should go? :oops:
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Post by Larosto »

Hi Seb,

please tell me how much I have to pay inclusive shipping to Germany.
I would like to get some.

best regards

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quick update

Post by sebking »

will be popping into the local sign place on Thurs so hope to get a final cost and timescale.

The box they came in is fab. Land Rover Unipart Blue box, english and arabic writing on the outside with an applicator too. Packing material is old packing slips.
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Post by Larry »

I've not got round to spraying the body on mine, but I reckon that a set of those stickers would be the perfect finishing touch. So count me as an interested party also for a set of copies.
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Post by Kippa »

Hi Seb,

Have you got a price for the repo stickers yet?

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