Wanted... Windscreen glass Sundym

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Wanted... Windscreen glass Sundym

Post by Bug4029 »

Just broke my windscreen glass moving parts about, if anybody has any Sundym windscreen glass it would get me moving again.

Please PM me.

Kind regards,

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Re: Wanted... Windscreen glass Sundym

Post by Geoff »

You might as well ask for the Holy Grail. I have one Sundym windscreen (badly chipped) left of four, and have been looking out for Sundym replacements for years. The only possibility I have heard of, unless you're very lucky to stumble upon any surviving original glass (and windscreens tend to get broken more often than any other windows), is that Pilkington might make it to order, but for what cost I can only imagine.

https://www.pilkington.com/en-gb/uk/aut ... -available

If you do make any enquiry of them, I'd be interested to hear the result. But I'd be inclined to settle for plain ordinary glass, unless you're going to be a lot more careful with it! (in fact unless you're going to keep it in a museum)
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Re: Wanted... Windscreen glass Sundym

Post by map1275 »

Not the best alternative but as it's flat glass you could have two cut from laminate. There is a standard light green tint similar to Sundym. Probably not noticeable unless viewed from 3/4 profile.

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Re: Wanted... Windscreen glass Sundym

Post by disco2hse »

Laminate cut to size is how we do it. Same stuff as what goes into caravans.

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Re: Wanted... Windscreen glass Sundym

Post by Glen »

I saw a Pilkington stand at a classic car show once and asked them this question as its the only non sundim glass in mine too.

Can't actully remember the 'quote' but it was rediculous for what is is given you can pick up a clear one for about £20. The price was more comparable with a large curved screen from a 70's car (ie several hundred quid) and the guy didn't seem to understand the concept of a split windscreen so it was unclear if this quote was for one side or a pair - either way I decided for the money I'll stick with clear for the foreseeable future - its not like its that tinted.

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