Half Shafts

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Half Shafts

Post by v8alligator »

Hi All,

Okay so I already make most of the parts to rebuild the front axle on a stage one :)

But need some help in making the final part.... Half Shafts!

Has anyone got a set of front half shafts, old, warn-out, new, broken (with both parts) that I could borrow, buy or have some measurements from.

Am planning to make a small batch of front shafts to complete all the other front axle parts I currently do.

Can anyone help?


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Re: Half Shafts

Post by disco2hse »

Can't help here, but you might want to ask on the NZ Ex Army Stage 1 FB group. At least one member has replaced his in recent weeks.

1983 ex-army FFR 109 Stage 1
2005 Disco 2 HSE TD5

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