Rolling Chassis in Virginia, USA

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Rolling Chassis in Virginia, USA

Post by firemanshort »

THIS IS NOT MY LISTING - I found it and am re-posting. ... 85627.html

The seller says that it is a coil sprung Stage One frame. From the photos - it sort of looks that way.

If there are any Stage One owners in the USA that have thought about a frame swap - this is not a terrible price for a frame. I bought one from Richards Chassis last year and it was almost this much delivered to my door (frame only - no axles).

But on an editorial note: I am not sure why you would swap from leaves to coils for a Stage One. In my opinion, the leafs are part of the essence of the model.
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Re: Rolling Chassis in Virginia, USA

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Looks like a good conversion, but I wonder how much travel you'd get on those springs vs what you can get with leaves.

Would probably not pass our certification rules without having the welds x-rayed and engineer's reports.

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