Looking for steering relay

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Looking for steering relay

Post by foster »

In the process of refurbishing my LHD Stage 1 here in the states and I'm on the hunt for the elusive stage 1 steering relay. NOS Preferred. Any out there?

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Re: Looking for steering relay

Post by Geoff »

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Re: Looking for steering relay

Post by skittles »

Hi - the only parts of the steering relay that are unique to the stage 1 v8 are the housing and the upper arm - the rest are commonly available series parts.

It may be worth looking for them individually (housing is NRC2409 and upper arm is NRC4343)

Pegasus have a good used casing in stock for £40 - see here: http://www.pegasusparts.co.uk/ourshop_9 ... dhand.html

and a few places sell the upper arm brand new, e.g. £32.40 at Craddocks http://www.johncraddockltd.co.uk/series ... 09-v8.html

So for £72 you get all the unique Stage 1 parts and the rest you can either buy separately or it may be cheaper to buy a complete used or brand new 4-cyl relay to dismantle for the remaining bits and assemble a factory perfect one yourself. The housing would be used, but that doesn't realy matter too much - it'll give you a chance to paint it up nicely.

The only other bits you need are a couple of nuts and bolts that don't fature on the 4-cyl one but these are standard LR bits that only cost pennies, but craddocks sell them too.

Have a look at the parts catalogue on page 1 k05

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Re: Looking for steering relay

Post by Mik »

I might have a NOS stering relay in stock, but it won't be much cheaper then the Craddocks item :)
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