Seeking Photos

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Seeking Photos

Post by firemanshort »

Is there anyone out there with a 5 door Stage One?

I am looking to start restoring one next year and am trying to determine what parts I am missing from the great big pile of junk that will one day turn into a cool Land Rover.

I already have my 2 door Stage One to use as a guide but I am not familair with the parts and such that go into the interior and back seat area of the 5 door.

Can someone post up photos or send me photos (firemanshort (at) aol dot com)? I appreciate the help.

I am keen to learn if the rear seat was a bench or three individuals or if it varied through the production. Currently, there is no interior parts to go by in my truck shell.

(photos of my truck in current condition)
ImageUntitled by David Short, on Flickr

ImageUntitled by David Short, on Flickr
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Re: Seeking Photos

Post by map1275 »

Some of it depends on precisely which model it is.
Middle row can be one folding bench or a 1/3-2/3 split.
Third row can be two folding benches or four individual folding seats. Plus all the trim panels and window frames.
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Re: Seeking Photos

Post by Cliff4WD »

Can't offer any help I'm afraid David, but that chassis looks absolutely lovely. Did you work on it to bring it back to that or did you acquire it that way?
Best wishes matey.

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Re: Seeking Photos

Post by Geoff »

Surely your best bet is the Series 3 Parts Catalogue: ... arts-book/

and maybe searching google images. As map says, there are variations. I haven't any photos publicly available that I can link to that I think would help you, and I've looked through the photos of my Station Wagons that I have on my computer and only four of these might be of any use. If you PM me an email address, I can email them to you if you like, as I can't attach them to a PM. I can probably help by taking some more photos for you if you have more specific problems at any point.
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Re: Seeking Photos

Post by db »

I don't have any useful photos but noticed that this listing from the sales and wants ebay thread has a couple of photos ... 7675.l2557

mine is a similar layout (or would be if I hadn't removed a second row seat and one rear bench) so I can take photos of specific items if you wish.

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