Land Rover Photos - Winter Romp 2015

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Land Rover Photos - Winter Romp 2015

Post by firemanshort »

I wanted to post up and share a series of photos from last weekend. Each year, the crazy folks in the East Coast of the US gather in Waterville, Maine for the annual Winter Romp (see

This year, the snow was deep (2' to 3' or 60 to 90 cm) and the temperature was cold (Temperatures above and below 0oF or -17oC).

I ditched my soft top, borrowed a pick up top, and drove the 700 miles from Washington DC to Maine (15 hours by Rover).


The whole album is below - you can see a really cool S3 88" with a set of Mat Tracks. ... 456315357/
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Re: Land Rover Photos - Winter Romp 2015

Post by Robstal110 »

Fantastic pictures, lovely looking stage one.
I have the highest regard for anyone prepared to drive 700 miles for a weekends off-roading!
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Re: Land Rover Photos - Winter Romp 2015

Post by disco2hse »

Even greater respect for anyone prepared to brave those temperatures.

You guys are nuts :P

And yes, the tracks are very cool.

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